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Community Outreach:


Jimmy Hui, President/Chief Executive Officer at The Jimmy Hui Foundation office takes time to do some community outreach around in the community here in City of Quincy and outside of the City of Quincy as he will step aside away from work and home to do some of the community service whenever it would be necessary to give back to the community for an additional help and assistance as needed for time being with a small reward and appreciation.


Community Service:

* Cleaner, Greener in Quincy @ Pageant Field joins with Quincy Militia Football team

* Quincy Militia Football Team @ Veteran's Memorial Stadium

* American Red Cross: Blood Drive @ Fenway Park (Day of Remembrance of 9/11)

* Perkins School for the Blind

* First Night Boston

* Special Olympics of Massachusetts

* Watertown Police Finish Strong 5K



* Kirsten Hughes of Ward 5 City Councilor Campaign

* Thomas P. Koch of Mayor of Quincy Campaign

* Michelle Wu of Boston City Councilor-At-Large Campaign

* Noel DiBona of School Committee Campaign


If you need some assistance for the Community Outreach in your community area, please contact Jimmy Hui, President/Chief Executive Officer directly in the email at: or tweet via Twitter page at: and put hash tag: #communityoutreach with your message up to 140 character.