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Webmaster E-mail:

Name of Organization

E-mail Address

The Jimmy Hui Foundation
The Happy Acres Foundation
The North Quincy Nights Strategic Response Unit
Technical Support


Administrative Personnel E-mail:


E-mail Address

Lieutenant Jimmy Hui | President/Chief Executive Officer
Amy Gibbons-Herlihy | Vice President/Chief Operating Officer


Quincy Public Schools Security Department Telephone and E-mail:


Phone #


Michael Draicchio

(617) 984-8897

(617) 504-5826


High School


Sheila Calabro

North Quincy

Rick Palumbo

North Quincy

Kevin Keith

North Quincy

Jake Mullaney

North Quincy

Steve McGowan


Tom McInnis


Joseph Mulvey


Mark Spendlove



Quincy Police Department E-mail and Telephone:

Administrative Personnel
Name Title Phone # E-mail
Chief Paul Keenan Chief of Police (617) 745-5712
Michelle Clark Chief's Secretary (617) 745-5712
Captain John Dougan Executive Officer (617) 745-5716
Sergeant Jennifer Tapper Internal Affairs (617) 745-5757
Lt. Terence McDonnell Inspector of Divisions


Patrol Division
Name Phone # E-mail
Captain Anthony DiBona (Days) (617) 745-5777
Lieutenant Greg Goyette (Evenings) (617) 745-5852
Lieutenant Matthew Tobin (Days) (617) 745-5795 
Lt. Daniel Guarente (Evenings/Nights) 
Lieutenant Brian Tobin (Evenings)
Lieutenant Paul Turowski (Nights)


Detective Division: Bureau of Criminal Investigations Unit
Name Phone # E-mail
James McGinley (617) 745-5764
Captain Michael Miller (617) 745-5770
Detective Lieutenant Kevin Tobin (617) 745-5718
Detective Lieutenant John Steele (617) 745-5780
Detective Sergeant Richard Gilmore (617) 745-5721
Detective Ed Bagley (617) 745-5766
Detective A.J. Carthas (617) 745-5782
Detective Tom Clearly (617) 745-5773
Detective Leo Coppens (617) 745-5772
Detective Jamie Karvelis (617) 745-5765
Detective Chuck Landry (617) 745-5783
Detective Jason MacIsaac (617) 745-5771
Detective James Menz (617) 745-5768 
Detective William Monteith (617) 745-5767
Detective Tom Pepdjonovich (617) 745-5774
Detective Rick Wash (617) 745-5762


Detective Division: Special Investigations Unit
Name Title Phone # E-mail
Melissa Bickler Jail Diversion Clinician (617) 745-5886
Maureen Flores Domestic Violence Advocate (617) 745-5863


Detective Division: Special Investigations Unit
Name Phone # E-mail
Detective Lieutenant Patrick Glynn (617) 745-5750
Detective Kristen Bowes (617) 745-5747 
Detective Declan Breslin (617) 745-5751

Detective James Dentremont

(617) 745-5755

Detective James Lencki (617) 745-5752
Detective John McIsaac (617) 745-5756
Detective John Menz (617) 745-5853
Detective Paul Pieper (617) 745-5754
Detective Annemarie Reilly (617) 745-5753


D.A.R.E. Unit
Name Phone # E-mail
Officer John Grazioso (617) 745-5735
Officer Don Sautter


School Resource Officers @ Quincy Public Schools Facilities
Name School E-mail
Officer Gregg Hartnett Middle Schools
Officer Steve Burgio Quincy High School
Officer Paul Holland North Quincy High School 


General Information
Name Title Phone # E-mail
Lieutenant Peter Turowski Liquor Inspector (617) 745-5778
Lieutenant Dan Minton Crime Prevention (617) 745-5719
Sergeant Christine Hurton Grants (617) 745-5717
Officer Mark Folan Details (617) 745-5726
Detective Karyn Barkas Public Information Officer (617) 745-5890


Special Operations Unit: K-9
Name K-9 Dog E-mail
Lieutenant Robert Gillian Ronin
Officer David Cooper Xido
Officer Steve Doherty Mace
Officer Paul Foley Charlie
Officer Brian Mahoney Shaggy
Officer Chris McDermott Tucker
Officer Dan Parisi Rom
Officer Scott Smith Bruno
Officer Kenneth Wood Major


Special Operations Unit: Marine Unit
Name E-mail
Lieutenant Robert Gillian
Officer Robert Bell
Officer James Curran
Officer Michael Foley


Special Operations Unit: Motorcycle Unit
Name Phone # E-mail
Captain Richard McCusker (617) 745-5851
Sergeant Mark Kennedy


Special Operations Unit: Scuba Unit
Name E-mail
Lieutenant Greg Goyette
Sergeant Donald Allison 
Sergeant Garrett Greenwood
Sergeant Bruce Trieu


Special Operations Unit: SWAT Unit
Name E-mail
Captain Richard McCusker
Sergeant Mark Kennedy
Sergeant Garrett Greenwood
Sergeant J.P. Kelly


Community Policing Unit
Name Title Phone # E-mail
Lieutenant Robert Bina Supervisor (617) 770-4993 
Name Location Phone # E-mail
Officer Roger White Quincy Square (857) 342-0523
Officer William Mitchell Ward 1 (617) 594-2082
Officer Matthew Miller Ward 2 (617) 594-2070
Officer Timothy Simmons Ward 3 (339) 235-6662
Officer Jimmie Whedbee Ward 4 (617) 483-0599
Officer Jim Silcox Ward 5 (339) 237-1575
Officer Greg Mar Ward 6 (617) 594-2028


Police Court Prosecutor
Name E-mail
Detective Sergeant Richard Potter
Detective Tim Moran


Traffic Bureau
Name Phone # E-mail
Officer Terry Downing (617) 745-5824
Officer William Plant (617) 745-5811
Officer Paul Coughlin (617) 745-5852


Accident Reconstruction Unit
Name E-mail
Sergeant James Flaherty
Officer Stephen DesRoche
Officer Terry Downing
Officer John Grazioso
Officer James Goldrick
Officer Lauren Lambert
Officer Jimmie Whedbee